The Things I Miss

It’s been a full year, give or take a week, since I realized I made the right decision by leaving Oglethorpe. The first couple of months here weren’t great. I had no friends, wasn’t really interested in any of my classes, and was still actively hating my life. It took me an entire semester to make friends and an additional 2 months into spring to get to the ‘hanging out forreal’ stage of things. They’re pretty great people.  And now here I am. A full year later. In Chattanooga. Content. I know I made the right decision by leaving Oglethorope. It was one of the healthiest decisions I’ve ever made. However, I’m feeling particularly nostalgic for what was and I do miss a lot about The Ogle Bubble so, without further ado, The Things I Miss:

  • Atlanta. It’s a great city. The traffic is awful and the football team is worse but I love that place.
  • Hearing Edmund’s laugh from across campus and knowing that the joke probably wasn’t that funny
  • Living down the hall from one of my best friends
  • Sharing a suite with 3 others
  • Parking passes that only cost $50
  • The ridiculOUs way Oglethorpe spelled any word with an O and U adjacent to each other
  • Being 5 minutes away from Target (now I’m 15)
  • And 10 minutes away from 3 different stupid expensive malls
  • Shooting Candice in the face with Nerf bullets
  • Complaining abOUt the injustice that was eating in the Conant Center
  • Driving everywhere on the approximately 1 mile long campus
  • The High
  • Midtown and Little 5 Points
  • The greatest people I have ever met
  • Lauren almost killing me in every car ride we took together
  • The times I almost killed Lauren on car rides we took together
  • Mamma Martin and Pauly D
  • Not having to pay electric, cable, or internet bills
  • All-nighters with friends because “I really need to get it together, no one talk to me until I finish this”
  • Immediately going to Taco Bell because “I study better when I’m full and I’ll be awake from eating”
  • And finally,
  • Always being able to find a freaking parking spot on campus

OU you were great. And not so great. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. I miss everything and nothing about that place and I’m not sure how that’s possible. All I do know, is that I haven’t felt like this in a really long time. So to all my petrels, stay stormy. I love you guys.


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